• How to Install a Panel Fence

Get great privacy with a panel fence. These fences are prefabricated and very easy to put up. You may want to consider the lapped type - it's woven like a basket - because the panels tend to shrink a bit with hot weather. You will need at least two people for this project.

Things you'll need:

Gravel、Concrete、Gravel、Concrete、Fence Posts、Shovels、2-by-4 Boards、Common Nails、Fence Post Caps、Hammers、Handsaws、Levels、Multiuse Screws、Variable-speed Drills、Hammers、Shovels

Dig the fence post holes, but don't install the posts. Leave a post by each hole.

Set the first post into its hole and fill the space around it with gravel.

Have an assistant hold the prefabricated panel up against the post while you fasten the panel to the post with angle brackets at 24-inch intervals.

Nail a temporary strut to the post to keep it upright.

Alternate putting up posts and panels. Fill each post hole with gravel as you go.

Fasten the capping strips to the tops of the fence panels.

Cut off each fence post 2 inches above fence level and nail on the post caps.

Fill the post holes with concrete and let it set.

Remove the struts.

Tips & Warnings

Leave a small gap at the bottom of the fence to help prevent rotting.

Get your neighbor's permission if you will need to work on his or her side of the fence.


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