• How to Build a Security Fence for Driveways

How to Build a Security Fence for Driveways

If you live in on isolated property, you may wish to have a gate that you can close. It is nice to have for security and for those times that you don't want to be bothered. Here is a how to on building a simple security fence for driveways. 

This is the entrance to our driveway. I placed the gate right at the top of the hill in a flat area.
Decide the location. Make sure it is at a convenient location to get in and out of your vehicle. Also make certain that the grade will work for the direction you want to swing the gate.

Dig post holes the width of your gate. I suggest a 10 foot gate so delivery trucks (UPS, Federal Express, DHL, etc.) and construction equipment can pass through easily. Dig the holes at least 18 inches deep, preferably 24 inches. Place the posts in position. Make sure they are plumb! (Straight up and down)

Staggered walk around is probably hard to see. It is similar to what is used in barns and satlls to allow people through but not livestock.
Dig holes for side posts for you fencing to attach to. Make sure that you extend the sides so that someone can't drive around it. On one side, make sure you have left room to walk through. I made a staggered walk though for me, but not straight to keep dirt bikes from passing through. Make sure they are plumb as well. Add fast setting concrete to all of your post holes and let cure overnight.

Add side fencing next. This will help support the weight of the gate. Use decking screws or other exterior grade screws.

Have a light chain and hook for closing the gate. Hang a heavy chain and padlock available for when you really want to secure it.
Now install gate as recommended by the manufacturer. After gate is hung, install a quick fastening lighter hook for securing gate shut. I also suggest a heavy chain and padlock for when you are away and want to secure it. Just keep it hanging on the fence for when you need it.

Have your main sign visible at all times. Make it clear and imaginative. You want to make thieves and other bad intending people feel very uncomfortable.
Install signs. Use your imagination. I suggest two signs; one that is visible at all times. (See photo)

If your gate is shut but not locked, some people can be thick headed. Add a sign that clearly states your thought.
Add another sign that is visible when gate is closed that emphasizes your intentions and also gives contact information.

An additional sign can help set the atmosphere for your home.Put it on the drivers side to make sure it will be seen. This may seem like overkill, but you need to make trespassers and thieves feel unwelcome enough to go somewhere else and leave your stuff alone. it is also a great deterrent for salesman.

A closed gate means you have your own private escape from the world!
Now you have added security while home and away. This will bring you more security, happiness and peace of mind. Enjoy the quiet. Enjoy your privacy. Deal with stress by doing your gardening naked!

Tips & Warnings
Use exterior grade screws when fastening anything. Nails will work loose with time, screws won't. Also, if you need to change a warped board or adjust something, the screw will back out easily for you to do so.

Add an automatic opener. You will appreciate it on rainy days. They are available in electric and solar powered.

Put reflectors on the gate posts. This will help visitors with visibility and driveway location at night.

Check with your local utility companies before digging. Phone and cable lines are usually very shallow. Power lines are supposed to be deep, but it isn't worth taking the chance!


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