• How to Install Decorative Iron Fences

A decorative iron fence is generally a kit that you order by horizontal length and height with all of the screws, posts, gates and rails that you will need for fencing your yard. Planning your fence in advance will help avoid any mishaps. The manufacturer supplies instructions for building your fence, with recommendations on post depth and distance to space the posts for your particular fence model. The process of installation involves digging holes for the posts, attaching the horizontal rails and attaching the gates. 

Sort the posts of your decorative iron fence in sets of like posts. There are line posts, end posts and gateposts that are alike and corner posts. Then plan where the posts will be set, and lay them out on the ground with the bottoms on your fence line.

Start with a corner post at any corner, and dig a hole in the ground with a posthole digger that is the manufacturer's recommended depth for the height of the fence. This is generally 18 to 36 inches deep. Use a level to center the post vertically and horizontally. Mix concrete mix according to the package instructions, and fill the hole. Install all corner posts and gateposts in this same manner.

Tie a string to the middle of one corner post and to the middle of the next corner post to form a straight line. Dig line post holes following the string line to ensure that all the posts are in a straight line, and use a tape measure to select locations for the postholes. The decorative iron fence size determines the distance of the line posts from each other. Refer to the manufacturer's recommended distance. Place a line post in a posthole next to a corner post. Insert the horizontal rails into the openings on the corner post, and attach the line post. Level the line post vertically and horizontally, and add concrete mix to the hole. Continue this installation procedure around the perimeter of the fence line. Let the concrete mix cure for at least 24 hours. Attach the rails to the posts using a hex-head driver on the self-tapping screws.

Install the gates by leaving about 3/4 inch between the gates themselves and the gateposts. This will allow the gates to swing open and shut unimpeded. Decide which side of the gate you want the hinges on and which way you want the gate to swing. Mounting hinges with the springs on top and the hinges on the left will allow the gate to open toward you. Mounting hinges with the springs on top and the hinges on the left will allow the gate to open away from you. Attach the hinges to the gatepost with screws, and then to the gate itself. Place one hinge close to the top of the gate and the other close to the bottom of the gate. This will distribute the gate's weight evenly on the hinges. Mount the gate latch onto the gate.

Tips & Warnings
Attach post caps by pounding them onto the posts with a rubber mallet before installing posts so that the posts do not shift in the ground.

Install all the hex-head screws from the inside of your fence to give you a professional appearance on your finished product.

Mark the hinge placement evenly on the gate before attaching them to ensure that the gate does not bind when opening and closing.

If you need to cut a horizontal rail to shorten the length between a line post and a corner post or gatepost, use a hacksaw. Mark the rails so that the cut is straight and will fit into the posts.



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