• How to Install Fence Gates

When the main portion of your fence is completely installed, it is time to install the gate of the fence. With these instructions, you will be able to completely install your gate safely and correctly.

Measure the opening between the main portions of the fence walls to make sure that the hinges and gates will fit correctly, and without resistance while the gate is being operated.

Install your hinges. There should be a set of hinges that match the fence and the fence gate you have purchased. When it comes to the height of the hinges, it is all up to your standards upon how high you want the fence to be above the ground. It is recommended that you place it up higher if you live in a snowy climate. Also, take into account the direction you want your fence to swing open, and adjust the hinges accordingly.

Dig two holes that the gate posts can rest in that will allow them to be at the right height, according to the hinges that are on the fence. The holes should be about a foot in diameter, allowing for a large, sturdy concrete footer.

Fill both of the holes with concrete, making sure that the posts are at the right height. Use wooden reinforcements to hold the post in the correct position so it doesn't slope as the concrete sets. To make sure that the concrete is absolutely hardened, a good week should be put aside to allow it to dry completely.

Finally, you can hang your gate. If you have done all of the above steps correctly, your gate will be perfectly placed between the fence. Enjoy!

Tips & Warnings

It is extremely important that if you have a double gate fence that your hinges are exactly at the same height on each side. Otherwise, the fence will be unleveled. Do not measure how high from the ground you place the hinges, for the ground may be slightly uneven, but take a wooden beam and level it according to how you'd like the gates to stand.

If your gate is not attached to a fence on both sides, you should place your hinges on the side of the fence for added support. If not done, then the weight of the gate on just one gate post will cause it to slope.

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