• The Best Way to Install Field Fences

The Best Way to Install Field Fences

Fencing is one of the most important tools for a person who owns livestock. Good fencing not only keeps your livestock in, it keeps wandering people out. In addition, if your animals should get out onto a public road and be hit by a car, you could be sued for negligence. So having a safe and secure fence is an absolute must. One of the most common, and best kinds of fencing, is field fence. Knowing how to install it properly is critical.

Set Your Corner Posts
Perhaps the most critical part to any fence is the corner posts. It is important to make them out of the sturdiest material possible -- pipe or metal are the best choices. They need to be installed in concrete and to a depth of at least 2 feet. They need to be allowed to set in the concrete for a minimum of 72 hours with no tension on them. H-brace corner posts or V-brace corner posts are common and acceptable, but remember your brace posts will support all the tension of the fence over the years, so they must be done correctly.

Drive in Your T-Posts
After your corner posts have set, run a guide wire from the bottom of one corner post to the bottom of the one opposite to it. Tighten the guide wire until it is taut but not too tight. You want the guide wire about 6 inches off the ground. Drive your T-posts every 8 to 10 feet along this guide wire from corner post to corner post. In very rocky or loose ground, you may need to set the T-posts in concrete as well, to make sure they are secure. Use a T-post driver or tractor to drive the posts, as they need to have a forceful lock into the ground.

Stretch your Fence
Next, unroll your field fence and attach it to the T-posts. Use a fence-stretching tool for this, where you pull the field fence tight as you secure it from corner post to corner post. Once it is tightened along the brace posts, go back along the T-posts and use fence clips to attach the field fence to the T-posts. To make your fence secure, attach it to each T-post in three separate places. If you have done your job properly, you should have a tight, straight field fence that should withstand the elements and the animals, and only need maintenance to keep it strong.


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