Welded Wire Fence
Welded Wire Fence
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Welded Wire Fence
Welded wire fence is also known as welded wire mesh fences, welded fences or welded fencing. This fence is pretty light yet durable, its composition is simply wire welded together to make a fence. The welds are fairly strong.
The surface treatment of welded wire fence include electro galvanized, hot-dipped galvanized, PVC coated . They are different from woven wire mesh fences. Due to the line welding processing, it has more firm structure and longer service life compared with woven wire fences. Hot dipped zinc coated welded wire fence offers thicker zinc plating than electro galvanized one and stronger zinc plating adhesion, while costs a little higher. PVC coated welded wire fence has more colors available than galvanized welded fences.

Welded Wire Fence Material:
Normal tensile strength carbon steel
High tensile strength carbon steel

Welded Wire Fence Assortments:
Hot dipped galvanized before welding
Hot dipped galvanized after welding
Electro galvanized before welding
Electro galvanized after welding
PVC coating

Welded Wire Fence Features:
Precise construction,
Uniform opening
Excellent corrosion
Rust resistance.

Welded Wire Fence Application:
Welded wire fences are mainly used as isolation fences or safety fences for roads, railway, public buildings, window screening, safety guards on machinery enclosures, also used in filtering liquid and gas, sieving grain .
Welded wire fences can also be buried below the ground to keep out burrowing animals and critters.


Welded Wire Fence



Welded Wire Fence



Welded Wire Fence



Welded Wire Fence


Specificatin of Welded Wire Fence:

Galvanized Welded Wire Fence:


How to Install a Welded Wire Mesh Fence



Special specifications can be produced by the customer's requirements.

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