Post Caps
Post Caps
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 Post Caps

Sitting at the highest point of a deck or other railing, post caps make an immediate statement --- one that often forms the most enduring impression of that structure as well. We are well known for offering the broadest variety of post caps that add color, light and design to any outdoor project, in ways that most eloquently express your own personal style. This preeminent position continues today, with over 20 premium post cap styles to choose from.

Material: pressed steel, HDG, aluminum

Colors: silver, black, green, brown etc.

Application:Used on the top to protect the fence post from being eroded by the rain or water; connect into other parts, such as barb wire, top rail or other post.

 Post Cap
Post Cap




Dome caps

Terminal posts
End, corner post
Gate posts
Gate uprights and bumper posts

1. Simply tap on snugly with a hammer or pliers
2. One per post

Acorn caps



Eye-top loop caps

installed on line posts and used to secure top rail

one per line post

Barb Arm base loop caps

When you unsure if you want the barbwire, install
these versatile barb arm base loop caps.

1. Allow you to add the blade for barbwire at any time
simply with a bolt
2. One per post

Bullet post caps

For chain link fence terminal posts to connect into
the top rail in one or two directions.

No/ one/ two way bullet post caps

Special specifications can be produced by the customer's requirements.

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